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Johnny Rain - LLWH

I only discovered Johnny Rain’s music on PigeonsAndPlanes yesterday. I was so impressed that I felt I should share it straight away. He is a singer-songwriter/producer from California that is signed to Tricky Stewart(who played an important role in Frank Ocean signing to Def Jam). He released his debut mixtape “Wounded Drug, Silent High” in late 2011. LLWH was released in September 2012 and is the first single from his debut album “Lullaby Of Machine” which drops on February 12. The second single “Mullholland Drive, My Abyys” was released this week and is even darker than “LLWH”. He has a dark-soulful sound which will unfortunately lead to comparisons to The Weeknd. I only see the comparisons in both artist’s production but Johnny Rain has a very unique writing style that definitely makes him stand out. Hopefully his album will get the attention his incredible music deserves.

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