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Jarell Perry

Jarell Perry is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter. He gained attention by covering songs on his YouTube channel (gaining over 1 million views). He has now worked with superstar artists such as Usher and Chris Brown and super-producers Diplo and Boi-1da. A few weeks ago, he released his debut LP, “Simple Things”. With this effort, he has fully established himself as a massively talented artist and a future star. He is a part of a thriving alternative RnB genre that has changed the face of RnB. “Simple Things” has traditional RnB ballads which showcases Jarell’s vocal talents as well as uptempo songs with brilliant production by producer, Hassan. Most of the standout tracks are the more traditional-sounding RnB songs(“Getaway”, “All Aboard”) songs where Jarell’s layered vocals are the main focus. This album is far from your typical indie-RnB album. It is a very versatile and polished body of work. His versatility is clear on tracks like “It Ain’t Too Late”, a stripped-down emotional, acoustic song and “Aviation High" which is a cover of a Semi- Precious Weapons song. "Simple Things" is one of the best albums released so far this year and you can download it here.

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